Our Business Ambassadors


“You never forget where you grew up and I’m delighted to support the northern region and to repay some wonderful opportunities I’ve had. For me, the north is a place of growth and enormous opportunity.”

Ahmed Fahour
Former Managing Director and CEO,
Australia Post


“I am delighted that Eddie and Ahmed have joined me in promoting the region that we all grew up in and that we are so fond of.”

Paul Stoddart
International Businessman, Airline Magnate and
previous owner of European Minardi Formula One Team


“It’s an honour to be appointed as ‘Business Ambassador for Melbourne’s north’. Melbourne’s north is really coming into its own. We have a highly skilled workforce, a first class transport system and some of the best available land within 20 kilometres of the city centre.”

Eddie McGuire – Television Host,
Businessman & Collingwood Football
Club President

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