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Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN)

Help recruiting the workers you need

What is JVEN?

  • JVEN is a Victorian Government funded initiative to deliver practical recruitment support to businesses across the northern suburbs of Melbourne
  • JVEN will make it easier to recruit the right people needed to increase productivity, profitability and innovation.

What will JVEN provide?

When you’re running a business, one of the challenges is finding the right employees—people who have the necessary attributes to work with your team and contribute to growth and success.

At no cost, JVEN, which will be managed by NORTH Link, can help you connect with suitable jobseekers, thereby streamlining the process of selecting the employees that you need.

Our Employment Program Manager, Michael Iaccarino, can:

  • give expert guidance on recruitment
  • work with you to select suitable candidates
  • help reduce your risk when hiring new staff
  • assist with administration and compliance
  • connect you with training providers
  • provide information on any employment subsidies available
  • offer follow-up support, as needed

Mike previously managed a similar program for NORTH Link, which successfully recruited over 300 employees for local businesses.

Who is eligible?

NORTH Link will provide this assistance to firms that:

  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • are experiencing a skill or labour shortage
  • are willing to give a “fair go” to suitable applicants who are experiencing difficulty finding a job.

 More information

To take advantage of this service or for more information, please contact Mike Iaccarino, who will be delighted to hear from you.

Phone: (03) 9479 5695; Mobile: 0400 643 414;; Fax: (03) 9479 3569.

Knowledge is Power Toolkit for Jobseekers

A useful resource for job-seekers considering a career change and students considering their career options. This resource empowers the user by allowing you to use the Job Outlook resource to find out practical information about the career you’re considering including wages, education levels required, where jobs are located and more.

Click the image below to download the toolkit for free. (pdf is 5 meg in size)

Cover image

A powerful first-step resource for workers facing and dealing with redundancy. This website contains a checklist you can use to make sure you’re prepared for redundancy and also provides a snapshot for any service providers assisting you during and after redundancy.

Click on the icon below to go to the website.

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