Bring data analytics knowledge and expertise into your business

Published: NORTH Link

– let a La Trobe student complete a data analytic project for you over summer

If your business collects data in any form – website visits, customer interactions, machine functions and more – it can be analysed to help you improve your bottom line.

For example, data analytics can help you to:

  • better target your customers – find out why your potential customers are not converting or discover which market segment prefers what product
  • predictive maintenance – improve productivity on your machines by identifying when they need servicing and when parts need replacing
  • identify product quality improvements
  • assess the take-up of your special offers and promotions.

Start date:       Flexible
Duration:         2 or 3 days a week (length of placement to suit business needs)
Cost:                   no payment if under 120 hours; $750 a fortnight above this
Closing date:  Expressions of interest must be submitted by NO LATER THAN 22 October.

More information: Contact Tony Coppola | T: 03 9479 3325 E:

NORTH Link/Melbourne’s North Food Group Data Analytics Pilot Project



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