Environmental protection laws affecting your business: Information seminar

Published: NORTH Link

Monday 14 October, 3:00pm-4:30pm
La Trobe University, Technology Enterprise Centre,
Conference Room, 2 Research Avenue, Bundoora 3086
Free registration

Melbourne’s North Food Group is coming together with food group partner Doing Business Better and V&C Environment Consultants to host an information seminar on the new Victorian Environment Protection Act. 

About the event
On 1 July 2020, the new Environment Protection Act will come into force in Victoria.

This will have an impact on all companies, especially small to medium sized companies. Fines of $1.6m for corporations and $300,000 for individuals who do not have a robust risk identification and management process will come into effect, even if no pollution has occurred.

The new Act is a total rewrite of environmental legislation and takes a radically different approach to environmental management. A summary of some changes are:

  • new proactive ‘General Environmental Duty’ obligations on all Victorian organisations
  • significant new fines for lack of a formal environmental risk management system
  • third party prosecutions of organisations causing pollution
  • new mandatory reporting requirements for pollution events and contamination.

Understand your responsibilities and what systems and processes you need to have in place by 1 July 2020.

The session will be presented by Stephen Grech from Doing Business Better with principal consultant Vic Natoli from V&C Environmental Consultants.

Find out:

  • information on new Act
  • what is the impact of the new Act on your business
  • what you will be required to do under the new Act
  • how to be ready and compliant with the new Act.



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