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Together with Macpherson Kelley, NORTH Link are bringing you a privacy law seminar on Wednesday, 10 July.

Privacy laws have been changing at a very fast pace, both in Australia and throughout the world. This session will:

  • Provide an overview of Australia’s main Privacy laws;
  • Outline the types of businesses and activities impacted by the Privacy laws;
  • Outline what businesses need to do to make sure they comply;
  • Offer real life tips and tricks for practical compliance; and
  • Touch on global changes and trends (e.g. the potential impact and relevance of the European Union’s GDPR).


Kelly Dickson, Principal Lawyer, Macpherson Kelley

About the presenter

Kelly works in Macpherson Kelley’s Intellectual Property and Trade Team. Kelly’s assistance for clients focuses on all things related to the sale of goods and services, including:

  • How to protect your business idea, product or brand
  • How to develop and commercialise your products and services
  • How to market, promote and advertise your products and services
  • What your staff can and can’t say to customers and competitors
  • Business compliance
  • What to do when things go wrong.

Kelly also provides a full range of Privacy compliance assistance for businesses, including:

  • Audit of current practices and procedures; identifying gaps in compliance;
  • Preparation of internal policy and procedure documents;
  • Preparation of external and ‘customer-facing’ documents;
  • Staff training sessions;
  • Advice and assistance for mandatory data breach reporting;
  • Advice on overseas disclosure compliance obligations;
  • Advice on direct marketing practices; and
  • Liaising with Regulators.

As a member of the PrivacyRules network, Kelly can also facilitate introductions to overseas Privacy lawyers, tech and cyber-security experts.

You can register here.

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