Major investment announcements for the North from La Trobe University and Optus

Published: NORTH Link

I had great pleasure today in witnessing La Trobe University and Optus announce two major investments that will take place in Melbourne’s North.

The first is a major 5 year agreement between La Trobe University and Optus.

The Optus agreement  with La Trobe University is a strategic alliance designed to deliver an integrated, digitally connected campus, a state-of-the-art Sports Precinct of the Future and creation of a market leading Cyber Security tertiary degree.

The new cyber courses La Trobe University is offering are designed by industry for industry. The new Masters of Cybersecurity course is a product of collaboration between La Trobe University and with companies including Optus, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Australia Post and CISCO.

As more and more Australian businesses and Governments are subject to cyber attacks, and industry and universities are being urged to work more closely, there is an increasing demand for cyber security experts in a wide range of industries.

An exponential surge in cyber crime is estimated to cost the Australian economy $1 billion a year, with a dire need for a more skilled workforce of cyber professionals right now. Globally, the current workforce of one million will need to grow fivefold by 2019, to meet demand.

Today’s announcements are crucial in terms of the changing economy of Melbourne’s North and providing opportunities during its ongoing transition to a knowledge economy.

Chris James
Executive Director – NORTH Link


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