Market Diversification Event

Published: NORTH Link

Are you at a crossroads about how to grow your business?
Has your business performance plateaued and you need other growth options?
Is diversifying out from your current business model a daunting prospect?

If you answered any of the above questions with a resounding YES
then we have a great solution for you to consider.
This free workshop is specifically designed to give SMEs the skills
and confidence to compete more effectively in the retail, food-service
and online channels but also to assess other commercially based
channels to markets that may be attractive as part of your growth

You will be provided with information and tools to:
• Develop a strategic planning template with sequential
developmental frameworks
• Challenge or complement your current thinking about growth
• Understand how to manage both your profitability and your
Customer’s profitability
• Understand the market assessment process and how to identify
• Identify and communicate ‘what you are famous for’
• Understand what you need to do to position your business
for growth
• What actions you must take to create new growth platforms

For more information on this workshop, please contact John
Lochery on 0449 210 515.

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