Northern Business Achievement Awards (NBAA)

The NBAA Awards are a partnership of industry, education, local and state government in Melbourne’s north and essential events for those seeking to do business in a traditional manufacturing region that is moving along the value chain to an advanced manufacturing hub. The Awards recognise the business achievements of Small to Medium Enterprises in the northern region of Melbourne and encourage businesses in the region to achieve business excellence, growth and competitiveness.

The NBAA Awards encompasses the Local Government Areas of Banyule, Darebin, Hume, Moreland, Nillumbik and Whittlesea.


Melbourne’s north currently has a population of nearly 900,000 people as per 2016 Census. The region is a critical sector for the Victorian and Australian economy and is expected to grow by about 250,000 people over the next 20 years. Melbourne’s north comprises over 69,000 businesses and is a region of high importance for the Victorian Government due to the high concentration of businesses and contribution to State GDP.

Why the awards were established

The NBAA were established to provide a high profile forum to enable regional business networking and the recognition of achievement in an environment where traditional manufacturing is making way for advanced manufacturing and services and;

  • provide a forum for local companies to present their excellence and professionalism
  • recognise and reward outstanding achievement in business
  • support and encourage businesses to share strategies that will lead to growth opportunities for other businesses in the region
  • present case studies that explain how to identify and overcome business weaknesses and achieve improved competitiveness
  • create a more cohesive and connected business community in Melbourne’s north and:
  • improve regional competitiveness
  • encourage innovation
  • encourage exports
  • recognise business productivity
  • recognise the talents of individuals in business
  • promote regional GDP and employment
  • share best practice in business excellence
  • motivate business owners to act to address weaknesses and create opportunities

The NBAA identify, acknowledge and promote the achievement of business excellence by outstanding companies in the northern region of Melbourne. The Awards identify cutting edge businesses; leaders in their fields and award winning businesses in their industry sector. They recognise businesses that have made a major contribution to Melbourne’s north; to the community and to the development of employment skills for the next generation.

They provide a forum for alerting and informing businesses on strategies for business survival, competitiveness and growth.

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