NORTH Link welcomes North East Link announcement

Published: NORTH Link

NORTH Link welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement that it will proceed with the North East Link if re-elected.

“The North East Link will plug the ‘missing link’ in Greater Melbourne’s  Metropolitan Ring Road”, says NORTH Link Executive Director Chris James.

“Northern residents and businesses have paid the price associated with the ‘missing link’ for years with congested local roads and reduced freight efficiency”, says Mr James.

“The longer-term deficiencies in investment in the North are illustrated by a capital stock deficiency of 20 per cent noted by the Future Workforce – Melbourne’s North report. For Melbourne’s North in 2014, construction capital installed was $43,000 per capita (2012-13 prices) as opposed to $54,000 for the rest of Melbourne.

“The completion of North-East Link (route to be determined) will delivers substantial economies around freight movements, address acute traffic problems in Melbourne’s North East and enable improved access for all users of the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market, the Port of Melbourne and the Airports, as well as delivering broader economic multipliers.

Infrastructure Victoria’s 30 Year Draft Infrastructure Strategy states that the North East Link provides accessibility through some of the most congested parts of the road network and improves access to major employment centres. The North East Link is also the RACV’s number one road infrastructure priority.

“The construction phase also presents an opportunity to facilitate local jobs for local people and address stubborn pockets of high unemployment via the Major Projects Skills Guarantee”, says Mr James.

12th December 2016

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