Northern Horizons – 50 Year Infrastructure Strategy for Melbourne’s North – Update 2016

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Melbourne’s North is destined to become a major hub for food and beverage, advanced manufacturing, health and other rising industries, creating thousands of new jobs, if the private and government sectors co-invest in much-needed job-creating infrastructure in the region. As a manufactured physical goods exporter with a long supply/value chain, high quality infrastructure is vital for competitiveness.

The Northern Horizons Update report which was launched 30th October 2016, succeeds the original 2014 Northern Horizons – 50 Year Infrastructure Strategy for Melbourne’s North report, which urges job-creating infrastructure to help new industries fill the gap in the job market created by the closure of Ford’s car assembly plant and the general decline of traditional manufacturing, as well as to service a region that will approach the size of Adelaide over the next 15 years.

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Summary and full report

Summary report

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