Northern Exposure: an analysis of office and commercial accommodation issues in Melbourne’s North

North Link Final-COVER HIGH WebsiteThe significant shortage of office and commercial accommodation in Melbourne’s North has previously been identified through both industry feedback and the research report ‘Growing Melbourne’s North – developing an integrated economy’ (2003) as a major inhibitor to regional economic growth.

NORTH Link and the Northern Melbourne Area Consultative Committee (NACC) have undertaken to analyze this situation at grass roots level detail with the aim of identifying and addressing the limiting factors on the supply and demand for office and commercial accommodation across the region.

This analysis has been accomplished through one on one interviews and workshops with eighty five of the key decision makers and others with first hand experience and knowledge on the subject.

The outcomes of this study and the recommendations developed are now presented in this study ‘Northern Exposure – an analysis of office and commercial accommodation issues in Melbourne’s north’.

NORTH Link and the NACC will now commence the process of partnering with key stakeholders to implement key report recommendations in order to grow office and commercial accommodation and contribute further to sustainable economic and employment growth in the northern region of Melbourne.

The Executive Summary may be downloaded free of charge or hard copies of the full report are available by contacting Deb Redmond at – $70.00 each (GST inclusive).

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