RMIT food technology students need placement in industry

Published: NORTH Link
– they’ll bring new skills, expertise and enthusiasm into your business

RMIT University food technology students – undergraduate and postgraduate – are seeking placements over the summer period.

Below are examples of projects that students can undertake for you:

  • 3rd year students (completed 2.5 years of a degree):  high level skills in product development, food processing, food manufacturing, food packaging, sensory testing, food microbiology, safety and nutrition
  • 3rd year students (completed 2 years): food processing, sensory testing, food ingredients functionality, food safety and microbiology, nutrition, food chemistry
  • Masters (completed 1 year postgraduate): food manufacture, dairy technology, food microbiology, nutrition, product development, quality assurance.

Start date:      Flexible
Duration:       2 or 3 days a week (length of placement to suit business needs)
Cost:                 placements can be paid or unpaid

Closing date: Expressions of interest must be submitted by NO LATER THAN Monday 5 November.

More information: Contact Tony Coppola | E: | T: 9479 3325

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